Before Israel could possess the land of Canaan, God’s requirement of them was that they would be willing to enter with faith, face warfare, and be courageous. In the same way, for us to enter into the future God has purposed for us, it is essential to walk in His paths which involve timing and trust. God’s promises include His provision and presence. Let us embrace and own the new season, standing and fighting for that which the Lord has planned for us in this time. We must walk in God’s power with confidence, compliance, and commitment. Let us commit ourselves to trusting Him, honouring His Word, and walking in obedience. Let us walk into our future with committed, confident hearts. Let us be willing to walk with the Lord so that we can walk in His victory. God has good plans for us and our future. The future is before us and our hope will not be cut off. Because He has promised them to us, the things which we are hoping for are already assured and guaranteed. We are representatives of God, walking in humble obedience, and His anointing, love, presence, help, and power. Through and in Him we survive and thrive. He will never fail, leave or forsake us