A walk with God is made up out of steps – daily steps which add up to a journey, a walk with and before God – a walk under his leadership and authority, being obedient and accountable to Him. Although our individual paths and way of walking may differ, we all have the same destination and goal which is perfection and maturity, the full stature and measure of Christ. God is walking with us and at times literally carrying us. To walk in His name is to walk in His character and nature, becoming like Him. God has only got our welfare in mind, He watches over us and cares for us, and therefore we need to align ourselves with the plans and purposes which God has for us, walking with intent and purpose. The armour of God – which is Christ – gives us sure a footing in an evil time. This sure footing is peace with God. We walk with him on a road that is brightly lit and well-marked through His Word which leads to life and irrepressible joy. Sometimes while walking with God the path is tough and scary, but we need to keep walking following the voice of the Holy Spirit inside of us. God has promised us that light seeds are sown on this path of the righteous. With the leading of the Holy Spirit God is going to bring us through, making us successful and prosperous.