God has got a destiny, plan, and purpose for each of His children, individually as well as corporately. This walk towards our destiny is accomplished by walking in the Spirit, being piloted and captained by Him. The Holy Spirit speaks and He has emotions. He often influences and leads us through feelings and it is essential that we learn to discern between our own fleshly feelings and those of the Holy Spirit. As our destiny is that of being the Sons of God, the Holy Spirit is leading us out of sin and fleshliness into righteousness, inward truthfulness, and the full nature of Jesus Christ. A large part of the Church has become anesthetized to this aspect of the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is with us and in us and we need to keep in step with Him to reach full maturity. He will graciously go at our pace and help us through whatever it is we are facing. We also need the guidance and help of the Spirit in walking out our everyday lives. Each Christian is unique, with unique gifts and abilities which are essential to the Body of Christ, and together we are able to fulfill our purpose in our generation. We need to be rooted, connected, involved, following the steps, living intentionally, walking purposely, and doing things deliberately and with intent because we are the most powerful group of people on the face of the planet, indwelt by God himself. We are the people with tremendous potential and ingenuity who have the solution to the problems of the world, if we would just only walk by the Spirit