The Holy Spirit constantly leads us into applied truth resulting in holiness and righteousness. Walking with God means obediently walking the high road – His way, not in the way of the world where people are influenced and ruled over by the spirit of the age, a spirit of disobedience. We need to walk with sensitivity towards God, lest we become dull of spirit and prone to the influence of the world’s spirit. We are in a committed, married relationship with God and should not open up ourselves to the principles of the world. Living according to the world’s principles is seen by God as adultery. We are in the world, but not of the world. We are stars in the heavenlies, the light of the world. The devil, on the other hand, is crawling around in the dust; his effectiveness is in the realm of naturalness or fleshliness. Wherever we walk and live in his realm, he has absolute authority over us in that area. For God to receive us and for us to experience his lavish abundance in our lives, He expects to possess more of us, which means we walk in a higher degree of sanctification. God’s grace is that which heals us of sin and enables us to walk in powerful holiness, righteousness, peacefulness, humility, and selflessness. The devil fears the person who walks in this kind of godliness because this person is powerful and has no vulnerability or foothold to be preyed upon and he or she cannot be led astray. Holiness, righteousness, and love are synonymous. Jesus was a manifestation of God on earth and we are to be imitators of Him. Our every action should be driven by love and we should live with each other with friendliness, acceptance, forbearance, forgiveness, and longsuffering. This will assure us of having a clean conscience and being able to minister with the boldness of a lion.