It is really important that in our walk with God we do so with a certainty or an assurance, which results in boldness and steadfastness. This certainty and assurance is knowing that your sins are forgiven and that you are righteous. You need to educate your conscience to really understand that when you do sin and repent, you are forgiven, your sin is removed, and God has no remembrance of it. This removes condemnation and puts you at rest in His presence. Walking in the Spirit means that you are walking right with God and living a righteous and holy life, walking in His principles. In Revelation 22 Where the Bible talks about a street of gold in the New Jerusalem, it is a picture of us as the New Jerusalem and the street of gold is our pure and holy walk with God. The pure river of water of life flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb is depicting the Holy Spirit. This is also a road, a highway, the way of holiness where there is no lion – a picture of those who walk in the Spirit. The punishment of not keeping the Law (also a type of trying to walk in your own strength) was drought and barrenness, but walking in grace and relying on the water of the Spirit brings forth fruitfulness and productivity. Our authority comes from walking in the Spirit. The realm of the Spirit is where all authority resides and this authority automatically becomes a part of those who walk there. Walking with God gives us hind’s feet and when we are dealing with things we know how to ascend into and immerse ourselves in the presence of God where we can hide from the enemy. Walking with God is awesome and exciting – He always makes a way for us and brings us through that which we are facing, always set before us an open door.