Throughout his ministry, Jesus’ awareness of his eventual death and resurrection became ever greater. He realised that it had all been orchestrated by the Father in His wisdom and Jesus had to make the decision to willingly yield to God’s will. This would make Jesus the wisdom of God, our righteousness, holiness, and redemption. Jesus’ resurrection was proving the fact that God’s power was immensely greater than the Sadducees’ disbelief in life after death, the power of Rome who sealed the tomb, or any other situation on this earth. This should be our mindset – that there is absolutely nothing impossible for God. If Jesus had not been raised, the apostles would have been lying and our faith in the gospel useless, futile, absurd, and foolish and Christians would still be unforgiven. Those who died trusting in Him would have been lost because there is no life after death, and as a result, we should in all rationality abandon God and our faith in Him. However, the fact that Jesus was resurrected validated His whole ministry and was a faith injection to the disciples, making them fearless witnesses. It proved Jesus’ identity and the veracity of His teaching. The resurrection of Jesus also has a direct influence on our lives. It proves that the penalty for our sins had been paid in full; our past and all condemnation have been removed from us and it guarantees that we will be raised from death into immortality. The resurrection is our power towards a life transformed into one of holiness. The resurrection is our anchor which constantly reminds us that no matter what happens, there is always hope for us and an opportunity for a new, better beginning. With the crucifixion, Jesus was not a victim caught in a trap devised by humans, but following the plan of God, and in the same way, we are not victims of anything because God has the final say in our lives. The resurrection proves that God’s goodness, justice, and power will always triumph on this earth; therefore we can endure with joy, expecting to come out of every challenge which we face victoriously, just like Jesus did, enabled by God’s unfailing love.