Through Christ, God’s hand has turned from being against sinners to being opened towards us in blessing. Under the Law the transference of people’s sins and punishment upon the animal being offered took place by the laying on of hands. Jesus became our sin offering, our scapegoat, having our sins laid upon him, and He took our punishment on the cross. The heavens and earth were originally realms which were in unity but became separated because of sin. It now is God’s intention for us to live, through Christ’s offer, a heavenly life while on earth. God has given us physical things like the Communion, which is undergirded by spiritual, supernatural truth, to make contact with the heavenly realm, the place of all authority. The dedication of children, water baptism and the laying on of hands also fall into this category. God’s hand is powerful, and to release His great power to heal and do signs and wonders on earth, we need to speak His Word boldly and stretch forth our hands (which are also God’s hands) to people, as a connection between heaven and earth. Jesus was constantly laying His hands upon people and demonstrating God’s authority, love and power thereby, and we are to do the same. The power of blessing people like this is amazing, and through simple faith and obedience, available to every believer. We can freely receive and impart the gift of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands. Supernatural gifts like for instance wisdom, encouragement or healing can be imparted in this way, bringing transformation. We connect all the blessings of heaven to each other by the laying on of hands. The laying on of hands is part of the elemental doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ. We need to reclaim the understanding of this incredible physical thing, which is an expression of a spiritual and heavenly reality, given to us by God.