God is speaking and acting at all times and we have been designed to hear God’s voice. If we do not, the wrong voices are drowning out His voice. We have the Holy Spirit residing in us and whatever He does, thinks, or speaks; it is precisely what the Father is doing, thinking, or speaking. Because of the Holy Spirit, we can see hidden things and know the mind of Christ. Whereas Abel’s blood spoke of vengeance from the earth after he was murdered by his brother Cain, Jesus’ blood speaks of forgiveness, justification, identity, our relationship with God, and the restoration of the voice of God to us. To hear His voice and advice in a given situation, we need to move away from rebellion, stop making our own plans and trust Him, sitting and resting quietly, being still in His presence. Once God’s word has been given, it is time to act upon it. We enter into God’s rest when we listen to His voice and obey Him.