In the forty days preceding Pentecost, Jesus was transitioning His disciples from a having a spiritual instead of a physical relationship with him. On the day of Pentecost, the responsibility for the extension of God’s Kingdom was transferred onto the disciples. He promised that He will be in them, that they would be empowered by Him He would be alongside them, and work with them. The same is also true for us today. When Jesus died, law changed to grace, flesh to spirit and works to faith. Everything became new – obtaining an inheritance through a testament instead of keeping a covenant, a new royal priesthood, a new temple, a new mount Zion, a new Jerusalem set on a hill, a new spiritual Jewish nation, a new sun, moon, and stars as well as the start of a new heaven and a new world or age. This world without end is now the home of the righteous. The supreme sacrifice of Jesus and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit brought the change from being enslaved through having to keep the the law, to the freedom of living a life of love and peace with God by the Spirit. It was the inauguration of the era of a limitless and powerful salvation through the lowest common denominator, which is “the faith” – simple and available to everyone. Faith has come and is without boundaries, powerful to overcome everything – let us “faith it” until we “make it”. Let us remove every limitation by living by the Spirit, walking by the Spirit, being led, and used by the Spirit, and being empowered by the Spirit. We have a renewed mind and can understand the things of the Spirit, and we are not to be evaluated by anyone who is natural and fleshly. Because of the Holy Spirit we are new creatures, we have the mind of Christ and can continue to do the works which Jesus started.