Jesus existed before He did on earth and his ascension shows that He still exists afterwards. There were three glories – the glory as the Son of God before the incarnation, the glory as God manifested in the flesh and the glory of Son of God in a glorified body after the resurrection. The ascension of Jesus is confrontational to many because its meaning is that Jesus is Lord over everything. The ascension of Jesus and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit indicated that the redemption of mankind had been completed. Jesus now lives forever as our interceding High Priest, having conquered over death, sin, and sickness. He is continually gifting us with the Holy Spirit and his unlimited presence. He has given us the hope and expectation that He will return, resulting in our glorified bodies. Even as Jesus fulfilled every purpose of God in the exact timing as prophesied, the ascension gives us the hope that we also will fulfil our purposes in our generation, as we walk with God, make Him our priority, obey him, seek his Kingdom, live and do right, walk sensibly and live in love and according to the Holy Spirit’s directives. God is certain, sure, reliable, trustworthy, faithful, and powerful to bring us to the full stature of Christ, full maturity in Him. God is concerned about everything which concerns us, is always with us, and our future is secure in Him.