Pentecost was a day of the disciples being drunk with extreme joy brought on by the realization that what Jesus had preached was true and that the shackles of religion had been lifted – bringing to them an awesome, full, strong salvation. Salvation used to be preached in the recent past as consisting out of a time-consuming process of accepting Jesus as your saviour, then when you have proven the change brought about by your conversion baptism, followed by a time of being tested by the devil, and thereafter the baptism in the Holy Spirit. However, on the day of Pentecost people were immediately converted, baptised in water, and baptised in the Holy Spirit. It was not God’s intention for salvation to be separated into a time-consuming process but one unit. When we accept Jesus and are baptised, we are baptised into Christ, into His Body (access) and then He places himself into us through the Baptism with the Holy Spirit followed by regular infillings of the Spirit (manifestation), The evidence of the Holy Spirit’s infilling of a person is the speaking in tongues, but the signs of Pentecost are a kingdom-focused prayer life, an understanding of the Word and living it out, living in love (with God and each other), selfless service, witnessing, declaring and speaking the Word of God with authority, boldness and power, singing with joy and grace – thus blessing others, moving in signs, wonders and miracles, and being frequently filled with the Holy Spirit. We are to exceed our normal limits of being filled with the Spirit, setting Him free, to the extend where we are changed, manifesting all the signs of Pentecost.