Sin is an extremely heavy burden, as we see in the Old Testament from what Cain said when he said that the burden was more than what he could bear and again when Pharaoh asked for the heavy burden (nāśā’) to be lifted up and removed. For Israel to have their sins removed, a goat was chosen (the scapegoat), their sins put upon it. and it was taken far away into the wilderness, where the sin was no longer visible, in other words, the awareness of their sin was removed. Jesus performed this atonement for us by carrying our sins on the cross. Although we have been justified and forgiven, going through life we have many burdens (not sins) which bother us – thoughts which we meditate on when we are alone. We have trusted God to carry and remove the burden of sin from us and therefore we can also trust Him to carry and remove the burdens of everyday living. It takes laying down your pride, humbling yourself, acknowledging that you cannot do it alone any longer. Go to God – who is for us – and let your concerns be known to him through prayer, petitions and thanksgiving and when you do not know what to pray, pray in tongues. Meditate on Scripture. Go into a time of praise and worship – this is the strong tower wherein the righteous is safe. God is waiting to exchange with us our burdens and cares for His abilities. Make it an everyday habit to cast your burdens upon Jesus instead of elevating them in your own mind. These are some of the ways to overcome the burdens of worries and cares.