The early church was very powerful, and the reason was that they prayed in the Spirit, built themselves up in their most holy faith and stayed within the boundaries of God’s love. For us to experience this same power, we need to emulate them. There is an inherent power in righteousness and godliness. We have been set free by the Lord but to protect and safeguard our freedom and place of blessing and power, we need to choose to live with proper spiritual boundaries – abstaining from the world’s lifestyle and influences. The world does not offer anything better than that which we find within God’s boundaries. To stay within God’s boundaries, we need to fully understand His boundless love for us because this understanding perfects us. God will always love us, but when we remove ourselves from the love of God by moving out of his boundaries, we are in a place where we cannot experience His blessing. When we stay within the boundaries of God’s love and obey his commandments, we will never fall, we will experience the things of the Kingdom revealed to us on a continuous basis, as well as the manifestation of God’s presence and blessing in our lives. All this which we receive from God, is to be passed on to those around us and thus we will be witnesses to the world of the love and character of God.