All of creation is groaning in expectation, awaiting the revealing of the Sons of God. Although the final day when His Sons are revealed is surely coming, glimpses of this revelation are already visible when we, in our everyday lives, reveal the heart of the Father to those around us. Signs, wonders, kindness to others, taking control of adverse weather phenomena, taking authority, and lovingly speaking God’s will in correction against what is wrong in government – these are all examples of how we reveal the Father and are the light of the world. As God’s sons, we are living epistles being read by everyone. We need to be different from what is the norm in the world. The world desperately needs to see truth and love manifested in and through us. Being fathered by God results in us loving those around us because God is love. Love is the key towards operating in the gifts of the Spirit, which are a manifestation of God. To become manifested sons, it is essential for each believer to have in their lives a father/mother or mentor figure of which Paul is an example, a disciple like Timothy, an encourager like Barnabas, a servant like Stephen, a friend who speaks the truth in love like the prophet Nathan did to David, a loyal friend who sticks with you like Ruth did with Naomi and a person who brings people to Jesus, like Andrew did. We not only need these people in our lives but need to be this unto others as well.