Whenever something fresh happens in a Church, it is because it had started in the hearts of the people. A person’s heart is synonymous with their spirit. The heart is connected to the brain. The brain is where information is gathered, while decisions are made with the heart. The heart is also that with what we believe. You are who you are because of what is in your heart, and who you are in that secret place is of vital importance to God. What comes out of the mouth is a sure indication of what is in the heart. It is our responsibility to guard, keep, nurture, and protect our vulnerable and susceptible hearts, keeping them soft, undivided, tender towards, and reliant upon God. The heart is the well-spring of our lives. A soft heart is malleable, teachable, and empathetic, not hard, and resistant towards Jesus. Being open to Jesus will result in a dying to the self-life and pride. He came to the world so that our broken and dirty hearts can be healed and purified. A soft heart can receive correction and is not easily offended. A soft heart is a heart of love and truth enabled to speak the truth in love. A soft heart is humble, not judgmental, yielded in all relationships and a first (good) response heart. We keep our hearts soft by having an intense prayer life and thereby staying connected to God, spending time in the cleansing Word which is an incredibly transforming mirror and looking to Jesus, who is the portrayal of what our end-destination is.