God instructs us to guard our hearts unceasingly and diligently as a matter of priority, because your heart is the well-spring of- and determines the course of your life. The heart is more than a blood-pumping organ. According to the Bible it is the origin of our thought life. It is a composition of our souls, minds, emotions and will, the centre of our emotional//intellectual/moral character, as well as the seat of the conscience. Because the heart is such a key in everything we do, it can be either your greatest asset or liability. A heart programmed for God is anyone’s greatest asset, be it for leaders to parents. God’s purpose for our hearts is that, by giving us a new heart when we are born again, He in essence changes our being or our inner core by giving to us the mind of Christ. This heart is a tender heart, loving God and being responsive to and understanding His decrees and willing to walk in His word and ways with all of hearts, being empowered from the inside. This gives us our identity and engenders blessing to us and a thousand of our generations following. A person living a life of being right with God will find themselves living a perfectly natural, intensely practical, and deeply spiritual life, all at the same time. The way to defensively guard your heart is to set a guard on your mouth, be careful of what you give attention to and keep your eyes on Jesus and stay away from evil.