What we put into our hearts is of vital importance. Our conversations and actions reveal what is in our hearts because whatever we allow a foothold in our hearts will be followed by thoughts, giving birth to words and actions. For us to change our hearts, we need to be actively in control of what enter into it. We need to have undivided hearts, fully occupied by God, loving Him, and giving Him priority. The only thing which competes with the love for God is the love of money. God is our treasure, not that which money can buy. A hard heart cannot accommodate faith, but a soft heart is a believing heart. We struggle with faith because our hearts are occupied with other things, making us double minded. A heart compromised and divided by unforgiveness, and resentment is a powerless heart. Everything pertaining to our relationship with God must not just be mechanical or intellectual, but must originate from the inside, from the heart, the emotions. We were all born with a fallen and finite mind but after receiving a new heart at our conversion, a constant re-education and renewal of our minds through faith and the Word of God, results in an impact on our heart and spirit. This renewed mind means that we are changing from the inside, enabling us to know every level of God’s will and to obey Him spontaneously. The Holy Spirit is also intimately involved in the renewal of our minds, firstly from the outside in when we get born again, showing us the glory of God is the face of Jesus, giving us the mind of Christ. Secondly, He works from the inside out (and here we co-operate with Him) by helping us to meditate on the Word and speak the right things with powerful faith. When our hearts are pure, steadfast and fully occupied by God, through the help of the Holy Spirit, we will see God, whatever we speak will have great power, and we will reach our full destiny.