Faith is talked about in Hebrews as being a substance, material, or constituent. It is a belief not based on supportive evidence. Trust, however, is based on past experience – experience which is a point of reference for the next level of faith and trust. Whereas the believer starts out with faith in the Word of God, faith is grown together with trust, as we experience more and more of the goodness of God in our lives. He has given to us the ability to be still, peaceful, and fearlessly trusting God in the midst of chaos – this is an attribute of faith. Another attribute of faith is us being loyal to God, to resist transferring our trust to anything but Him because of His unfailing integrity. Valuing, eating, and speaking the eternal Word of God and being resolute in believing it despite experiencing opposition are essential attributes of faith. In the midst of trouble we need to be sensitive to, and wholeheartedly trust, and obey the word of God because although his instructions may not make sense to our finite minds, this obedience will always work to our benefit. Jesus will never fail us.