By nature human beings have hardened hearts, slow to believe. It is only by being born again that we receive a new heart and spirit. God gives us new hearts for his glory, to our good and for the benefit of people around us. To have the right things deposited in our hearts, it is necessary to drink from Jesus by faith and have Him flowing out of our pure hearts like a crystal-clear river – the water of life. It is vital for us to guard against having a hardened, insensitive, and unfeeling heart. This degenerate state of heart results in God removing his hand from such a person’s life, an easy slide into spiritual unfitness, and a degradation into sin. Hard hearts do not enter into the rest and things of God. Pride causes impurity of heart and the loss of our authority and the glory of God in our lives. Bitterness, rebellion, offense, wilfully sinning, and lack of submitting to God all bring about a hardened heart and a slowness to connect the dots and understand God’s promises and power. God has placed his love in our hearts so that we can be strengthened when going through trials, becoming better instead of bitter. If we want to see godly things happening in and through our lives, we need to have pure hearts which will enable us to understand what God is doing and be quick to believe in him and obey him. The pure and single-hearted will see God move and have a deeper relationship with him.