The country is in trouble, and our only salvation lies with the Lord. He is encouraging us to stand firm and not be discouraged but to have faith in his enduring love. God is aware of the situation. There is light at the end of the tunnel because He is with us. We have to fulfil our part by completely yielding and submitting to God and He will do his part in this battle. Our responsibility starts with prayer and a change of heart, enabling us to understand God’s purposes. The result is praise and worship towards Him, especially in those dark times when deliverance seems impossible. As Christians we praise God for the deliverance before we experience it. Power is released when we praise the Lord. Praise weakens the demonic alliance which is in existence against the people of God. Praise is the recipe for revival. God loves and cares for us and when we pray, praise and worship together, He will heal our land. ‘His Love Endures Forever’ – that is our battle cry.