God created man in His image and likeness to have authority and dominion as kings and priests in His domain, or kingdom, on this earth. From what we read in Psalm 82, God (Elohim) expects us, the elohim to act like gods. Jesus referred to himself as the ‘son of man’ when speaking to the people, thereby identifying with us, and incorporating us into his ministry. Since He is also the Son of God, so are we since we are in him. He demonstrated that God had given power to man to heal, forgive sin, as well as authority over demons. Jesus is referred to as God’s only begotten son, but later on in Scripture, He is called the ‘first’ born amongst many brethren, implying that there are other sons, which is the Church of the first born, Jesus’ family or generation. The son of God became a son of man so that the sons of man could become sons of God. At our re-birth the seed-word of God had sunk down in our spirits, and mixed with faith, gave birth to us, enabling us to see the kingdom of God. We were also raised from death when Jesus was resurrected and we became begotten of God, joint heirs with Jesus with God-given rights, authority, and power. This is being born from above, sons by nature, heavenly and divine. We are the ‘above’ people, seated in heavenly realms, operating in a below realm through our actions and words, springing forth from the supernatural, heavenly realm. We have been crowned with glory and honour, everything has been put under our feet and we have been given executive power to establish on earth that which is in heaven. Although we do not experience this total authority yet, we are keeping our eyes on Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith. As the council of the elohim, the sons, we declare and decree to circumstances and things the word of God with authority. When we speak God’s word, the angels hear his voice and go to do his bidding. He is constantly watching to hear his word in our mouths, to perform it.