We have received a salvation package from God. After having believed and receiving the gift of salvation, the Holy Spirit and God’s grace in our lives are also gifts to us from the Lord. Although everything described thus far has been free, and are the doorway towards sanctification, sanctification itself is not free. Sanctification is of no benefit to God or the new man in Christ, because that person is already perfect. Sanctification involves the old man, in other words, the flesh of a person. Because God has gifted us with a free will, the flesh will fight tooth and nail to prevent us from releasing control over our lives unto the Holy Spirit. The flesh is rude, pushy, loud, extremely demanding, and selfish – the complete opposite of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is quietly waiting for you, willing you to give him your attention and we have to make a conscious effort to listen to him. Sanctification can be likened unto a fruit of the Spirit. Sanctification is dealing with things, hard, practical, possibly painful, a process and challenging. It demands determination, grit, and constantly making the right choices, but the results are beautiful. Sanctification changes our perspective, attitudes, emotions, and behaviour. It helps to make our lives better, to get over our pathetic issues, makes our journey on earth fulfilling and enables God to use us in reaching our destiny. We are helped on this journey of sanctification by the Holy Spirit and enabled by the supernatural power of grace. We get sanctified by having our minds renewed through the Word of God, having an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness, connecting with the Holy Spirit, actively changing from being negative to being positive, and consistently and patiently practicing godly habits.