When Israel was suffering in Egypt, God saw, heard, knew (experienced), and was concerned about what they were going through. He saw everything that had been done to them. The people believed that He had visited them, had compassion on them, was concerned about their past and committed to their future, to redeem them. Their response was to worship God. The signs which God gave to Moses to perform were significant – water from the Nile turning into blood, symbolizing the economy being used to hide crimes against God’s people, the leprous hand symbolizing the Pharaoh’s propaganda against Israel and his instructions to kill their sons at birth, and the staff apparently turning into a serpent symbolizing Egypt regarding the Israelites as being dehumanised serpents. God would redeem them from all of this and visit it back upon Egypt and its gods through the plagues which came upon them. God also sees, hears, and experiences everything we go through and is being done to us. He is committed to redeem us even as He was to Israel. To prove that we are sons of God and not slaves, we need to speak out His redemption in every area of our lives. Although God has given signs, rather listen to the voice behind the signs and believing what it says, with faith keep speaking that.