The passing of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain at the outset of the ministry tour was of great significance, since the Lord said that the old was gone and that He will be doing a new thing in restoring His garden in the United Kingdom. There had previously been a prophetic promise of revival in Britain, which prophecy was confirmed by a world-renown, powerful sign. This trip was connected to that sign. The prophetic words and words of knowledge which the Lord gave during this tour as well as the preaching came with great power and revelation. At a pastors and leaders conference in Ireland people were greatly blessed and impacted. The impact of the word was continued in the various churches where those pastors were ministers, making the impact national in nature. Numerous powerful healings took place in different churches, for example, a lady was healed of a lump in her breast, a girl was restored after having been born with cerebral palsy, a lady’s atrophied lungs were restored and a lady who was bent forward and needed the use of a walker was restored to walking normally. We stand in awe of our amazing God and what He is doing.