Really amazing things happen when a person’s spirit is revived. In revival we see enemies like sickness and poverty fleeing, never to return. It is a place where nothing can come against us to destroy, and where we will not be taken down, since the Church of Jesus Christ is indestructible and will prevail even in the gates of hell. God is graciously good to us, revealing his glory and as our father He shares His glory with us, resulting in us being one with Him as well as with one another. Seeing the glory of God in the face of Christ, we are being transformed from glory to glory. This glory is being manifested, not only in us, but also through us when we lay hands upon people and miracles happen. We are in a place of ever-increasing, abundant, broad rivers and streams, a place of pure blessing, righteousness, and peace, where no enemy can enter. We are the planting or garden of God, the oaks of righteousness, planted by the rivers of living water. Here we are cared and provided for by God through the outpouring of his Spirit, receiving prosperity, authority, the oil of gladness, and having the water of healing and enthusiastic praise poured upon us. There is no reason for us to be thirsty, we can drink at any time until we overflow. This overflow even goes onto our descendants. It makes each one of us a refuge for others. We will take revenge on the enemy by taking back that which had been stolen from us by him through the authority in the anointing. Let us pray that our hunger and thirst for the Holy Spirit be increased – there is a world out there which needs the overflow of God coming from us.