To possess the promises of God, there are principles of access. Number one is holding on to your dreams and to keep believing that God can quicken and resurrect them when you have become tired of waiting and that He will become involved in the fulfilment thereof. Number two is that God wants us to activate our imagination, keeping our hearts soft and focused on Him and envisioning what He wants to do. Number three is owning and believing the confirmed promises that God gave you. The confirmation of God’s dream for us will come through the Word and a trusting relationship with Him. Number four is to obey God and do the hard thing that He is laying on your heart and get into the river of His abilities and provision instead of looking at yourself and your inability, hiding behind your fear, past, and/or insecurities. God cares for every area of our lives, and He wants us to step out in faith, and trust in his faithfulness. He wants us to dream, dare to imagine the impossible, stand on his word, and trustingly obey Him.