God exists in eternity. When we repent of our sins, God forgives and is able to go back in eternity to the place you were before you sinned and that is why to Him it is it as if you have never sinned. When Adam fell into sin, God had to create time so that Adam would not be eternally sinful, and that the fullness of time Christ could come and bring eternal righteousness. Even as God reached out in the beginning and drew the earth to Him to reform it, He also reaches out to us to bring us to a place of re-birth. When God drew earth towards Him, it was empty and void and in the same way many people have come to God, and are serving Him, but they are empty and void – without power. It is essential to get filled with the Holy Ghost, and the proof of being full, and that God is with you, is when the streams of living water flowing out of you supernaturally affect the people around you. The earth was also dark, and even so many people are without vision, but light always overcomes darkness. God moved the earth into a place of peace and rest, and we should rest in what Jesus did for us on the cross as well as that which He calls us to do. This is the place of increase, overflow, quick fulfilment of promises and permanent, increasing fruit. We need to be flooded by the supernatural river that is flowing from a high place to be able to flow out to those around us.