Most of the people living in the time of the Old Testament only had a revelation of who God was in the context of the Law – being that He was distant, harsh and to be feared. Because they did not know God well, they misunderstood Him. The same can be true of us. If we do not know Him really well, we are inclined to misinterpret and misjudge God, drawing wrong conclusions and accusing Him when things go wrong. However, we are living in a sinful and broken world where bad things can happen to good people. Jesus came to represent who God really was. We have been born to represent Jesus and be imparters of who He really is. It is our honour and privilege to be the carriers and imparters to others of all the abundant attributes of who Jesus inside of us is. By this interaction, we can powerfully impact and transform people. People who are full of Jesus have a passionate and personal relationship with Him and are peacefully, purposefully, abiding in Him. They have an anointing that changes the atmosphere. When a person is immersed in the abundance of the anointing, it can be given away, or imparted, everywhere. This has supernatural and eternal results. Jesus, and friendship with Him, is our pursuit and prize. It is costly, but those around us need the overflow of Jesus from us. We need to also learn to identify, value and humbly receive the impartation coming from everyone in the Body of Christ who lays hands on us. By faith impart, and by faith receive from others.