Christ is the end of the Law unto righteousness for everyone. The word ‘end’ could be interpreted as termination but also purpose. The Law was the schoolteacher explaining God’s standards but was powerless to make us righteous. The Law was given for mankind to realize that we could not meet God’s standards by our own efforts, and that we needed a saviour. The Apostle Peter talked about worlds (a world consists out of a heaven and an earth). From the time of Adam until the time of Noah constituted the first world – which had been destroyed by the Flood. The second world followed from the Flood until the time of Christ, culminating in the 70 years after Christ (these 70 years after the crucifixion was the period of God’s grace towards the Jewish nation to repent and accept their Messiah). This second world was to be ended by fire which happened in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem. The Law (elemental things) and grace (righteousness) were two separate systems which could not exist at the same time, so God had to terminate the first (the Law). That means that the third world started with the institution of righteousness by the sacrifice of Jesus. This third world is the home of the righteous with Christ Jesus as the foundation – which had been prophesied, foretold, and confirmed throughout Scripture. The same word ‘world’ has been used by translators of the Bible for the Greek words ‘cosmos’ (the whole globe), ‘oikoumene’ (the known civilised world), and ‘aion’ (time period or generation). An example of a misleading translation is found in the conversation Jesus had with his disciples about the ‘end’ where the word ‘aion’ was being used, and not ‘cosmos’. The disciples were actually enquiring about the end of their age or world. God’s intent for the third world is that it shall be a world without end, filled with, in contrast to the Law which had a fading glory, His ever-increasing glory, not one of darkness, doom, gloom and the antichrist taking over. Christ is in us; He is the hope of glory. Time is no more; we can have revival whenever we, by faith, move in God’s glory. When glory has filled the earth because of the manifested sons, Jesus shall appear with us in that glory.