Moses could not look at the glory of God, but we look at His glory in the unveiled face of Christ and are being transformed from glory to glory. The glory of the Law was a fading glory but the glory which came through the cross is ever increasing. Jesus will appear or come to us when we are fully in glory – victorious, matured, and manifested sons of God. He is not coming to a battered, bruised, and run-down church which is just about to give up to the devil. He will come to be glorified in us and to be marvelled at by, and in us. He is coming to be recognised for who He is and to be praised, glorified, and magnified. When He appears in glory, we will also appear with Hm in this same glory. The glory of God, and that He be glorified, is paramount and key in Scripture. It is the apex of, and the theme in all of the universe. It is also our chief purpose and end. The heavens, the angels, the beasts of the field, all declare His glory. Glorifying Him brings joy. To become part of God’s glory is a process. This process starts with the key which is the Word, whereby we grow in grace, and the knowledge of Jesus. Our growth brings glory to God. Our calling and destiny are to be glorified and become part of God’s Kingdom. The power thereto is in us and has been purchased by Christ on the cross. God is shaping us with His glory. He has called us, made us worthy of that calling, empowers our every desire towards good works and to live a life glorifying Him. He gives us the faith in his power inside of us to become like Jesus. He graciously empowers us towards the good works of faith after we have been saved by grace. He places his glory within us unto the deliverance of creation and His appearance in our midst – it all by grace.