We as Christians are needed here on earth and for us to have the impact we have been called to; we need to fearlessly, daily, jump into the river of God and experience our own personal revival. The narrative of the Bible starts in Genesis with a river and ends in the Book of Revelation with a river. Jesus is the foundation stone, the source from which the living water, which is flowing from the temple, comes. Spending time drinking from Him is refreshing to us, and upon drinking this living water, it springs up in us unto eternal life. When we in turn refresh those around us, we get refreshed once more. Abiding by the river produces the fruit of the Spirit. The river of God brings peace, joy, and restoration to us, which we all need. The laughter of joy removes that which has plugged up the well of water inside of us. We need to stay planted by the water, connected to the river, and put our confidence and trust in God alone – not the flesh, to experience his blessing and prosperity