It is said that man can survive for about 40 days without food, 3 days without water, about 8 minutes without air, but only for 1 second without hope. The Bible says that hope does not disappoint because it is linked to the love of God. The Greek word used in the New Testament for hope is translated as anticipating, usually with pleasure. When we are downcast, praising God is a very powerful weapon to get back into hope, because often God is the only one who can bring solutions to problems, and He is always faithful to his promises. A Hebrew word for hope in the Old Testament is translated as wait patiently on God. God will definitely reward our hope and faith in Him. Whatever we have seen him in doing in the past, is a point of reference for us, a place of rest, to have hope for the future. Hope attaches us to God. Hope is the confident expectation; and the essence thereof is that God WILL do what He had promised, despite the fact that He seems to be tarrying. Hope is the surety that we will win our battles. Hope is not wishful thinking – which is based on emotions – but hope is based on the promises of God. Our personal relationship with God is the foundation of our hope. Let us not have the cord of being convinced that God is faithful, be broken, and determinedly keep on praying until we see God move.