In contrast to a materialistic and rationalistic worldview, which was the result of the second world war, everything about our Christian life is supernatural. That means that our lives are natural with a huge degree of a supernatural element. Although certain parts of Christianity are trying to de-mythologize the Bible, in fact the whole Bible is about God’s miraculous and supernatural involvement in human affairs. One of the Christian doctrines which is attacked the most viciously, is the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus. It is hard for the human mind to believe that the unfathomably huge, powerful, unlimited, and all-wise God, who holds all of creation in His hand, could be contained in human flesh. The birth of Jesus was completely supernatural because the Son of God, who had lived for eternity in the past, was born into humankind through a woman who had been overshadowed by God. Jesus was fully God and fully man. This miracle is inspirational to our faith because it confirms that to God nothing is impossible. The three-and-a half years of Jesus’ ministry had a supernatural effect upon the world. Jesus was born because of man’s sin, for mankind to have a saviour, a mediator. Because of His birth, we can experience a powerful, supernatural re-birth into His kingdom, character, and nature. Because of this supernatural re-birth, the Holy Spirit given to us, the Word, worship, and the Church, we can live supernatural lives. When the world around us is in turmoil and perplexity, we can experience supernatural peace and joy. Being supernaturally connected to Jesus, one spirit with Him, our lives will, as a natural result, be fruitful and we will bring forth greater works, all to the glory of God.