There are always endeavours at the beginning of a new year to determine God’s will for that year. We must keep in mind that there are certain constants in God’s will and plan and then there are other things which God maybe wants to emphasize. As we can see throughout the Bible, it is God’s will that His kingdom shall be manifested on earth – that is a constant. Jesus (and that also means his Body, his Church) is to reign until all enemies have been put under his feet, the last enemy being death. In South Africa God wants to show off through his Church his manifold wisdom and power to a nation that is in deep decline. God is always working extremely intentionally towards fulfilling his will, purpose, and plan for each individual’s life, and this plan always remains the same. This specific plan and purpose for each one of us is to be perfected, through the ministry gifts unto the Church, unto a perfect man, the full stature of Christ. In 2023 God is working with greater intentionality and focus on this purpose and plan for our lives. If we constantly add to the Word of God within us, we will be living in the experience of his love. Living in the experience of his love, is the reason why we then obey his word. Obeying His word and keeping his commandments is what it means to abide Him. When we abide in him, is when we experience a life union with Him. The automatic result of the flow of his life through us, is us bearing fruit, more fruit, and much fruit. That said, we need to get into the Word, obey what is instructed in the Word, obey your conscience which had been educated by that Word, and listen to hear, and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit. The natural outcome of these actions will be us bringing forth the fruit of the Spirit, prayers that are answered, and successful ministry unto others, demonstrating the power of God. Thus this year will be a year of abundant fruitfulness.