Jesus came to preach and establish the kingdom – a kingdom of dominion and rulership. This is what we are here to do, not sitting and waiting to escape in a rapture. A king is not voted in, his word is law, and he owns everything. Jesus’ kingship was manifested through him ruling over sickness and death and we need to pray for that manifestation in every area of our lives as well as in the world around us, where that is lacking. We can use the prayer which Jesus taught to his disciples as a guideline in praying for the coming of the fulness of his kingdom and righteousness. The kingdom is, through the Holy Spirit, a manifestation of the character of God. This is a culture and way of life of justice, integrity, virtue, generosity, love, peace, joy, gentleness, meekness, temperance, and longsuffering and that is the atmosphere and culture we need to create wherever we go. Let us, 2023, seek his kingdom and his righteousness, his way of life and character and all our needs will be freely and generously be provided for. Seeking his Kingdom and righteousness is praying for someone else’s needs before praying for yours, meeting someone’s financial needs before your own, freely giving your time, skills and abilities where it is needed in the church, attending the church services, spending more time in the word, fasting and praying, loving people, being positive in every situation, making Spirit-led decisions, and forgiving quickly. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we receive the spirit of a king, therefore we are kings and no-one can vote us out or take it away and it is time that we act as royalty, ruling and taking dominion over what is not God’s will, manifesting his kingdom. We have been anointed unto this.