As born-again believers we are in Christ, in an intimate relationship with him, our works are no longer because of law and thus fruitful. A key to fruitfulness and blessings is obedience to Jesus. Obedience is the attitude of submission to instruction and authority and most of God’s blessings are contingent upon following his instructions. Loving and obeying God are inseparably linked because his requirements are in no way destructive or harmful to us. Obedience guarantees the Father’s indwelling presence, growth, fruitfulness, and blessings upon our lives. Obedience, character, and fruit is the greatest indicator of spiritual maturity. Obeying God is proof of discipleship. Being blessed because of obeying God’s will and word, has the result of being able to also bless others. Obedience is always our choice to make, it is initially hard but becomes easier as personal issues, sin, weights, and entanglements are dealt with. Disobedience is easy but brings hardship. Obedience is an attitude – we saw this attitude in Jesus who only did what the Father instructed. Obedience is learned. The fruit of obedience is that it attracts God’s abundant blessing, loyalty, and favour; we will inherit the space we are living in, we will experience health, deliverance, elevation, direct contact with and from God, long life and honour. We cannot rely on God’s promises without obeying his commands.