The next revival which we are anticipating is going to begin in the prayer meetings. We have all been assigned to pray but especially to be involved in corporate prayer, since corporate prayer elicits an immediate response in the spirit realm. Every individual believer is being battled by the enemy to make them feel insignificant. He is trying to thwart the full purpose and plan God has for each believer. God, however, only sees our full potential and disregards what we deem to be impediments towards us reaching the full completion of our immutable assignments. The faith-prayers which we pray for each other are tremendously powerful. It is the will of God to always take us higher. His restoration in our lives is always above and beyond where we have been and what we have had before. Through worship and prayer we come into high place and being there we will experience a shift in the spirit which means that at moment we are standing under an open heaven. That is the place from where we can powerfully put into operation the keys of the kingdom, which keys are binding and loosing. This is not a place of begging and pleading, but of operating in God’s kingdom power. We need to recognize these shifts because in these moments whatever we pray will immediately be released. We need to realize the significance of our prayers in that we are upholding the presence of God where the enemy wants to destroy. There is an urgency in the spirit to seize the moment and see the heart of the Father for the world and pray that into existence, for His ministers to become a tool in the hand of the Holy Spirit instead of the other way around.