Water is essential to life and the Holy Spirit is often depicted in the Bible as water since He is essential to our lives. In the Old Testament natural rain was a result of Israel obeying the Law and in the New Testament water or rain is a picture of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – both resulting in a new quality of life. Floods are also a picture of trials, and when the enemy comes in like a flood, we begin to question God’s love for us, or our own culpability, but God promises to be with us in the flood and the fire. Water can also be a picture of bitterness, like that Israel encountered at Mara, but the solution to the bitterness of life is the sweetness, restoration, and deliverance that comes in every area of our lives through the cross of Jesus Christ. When the enemy comes in the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard like a flood against him. This flood is that which spells destruction for the evil, but is deliverance to the righteous, even as God removed evil from the earth during the flood in the time of Noah, or at the time of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt when the Egyptians were wiped out by the flood of the Red Sea closing upon them. Going through floods or trials transforms our characters, makes us strong, establishes our position in Christ, and brings maturity. We need to sow a seed at the time of the flooding and an abundance of harvest will be the result.