When we are born again, we come in total union with Christ, dying with him and being resurrected with him. In the action of re-birth we have died to, and are freed from the Law, even as a woman is freed from being married when her husband dies. While we were married to the Law, we produced fleshly, illegitimate fruit unto death (dead works), but now being married to Christ we have been freed to bear legitimate, lasting fruit acceptable to God, which means living by the Spirit, manifesting Christ. In this mystical union, we are inseparably and joyfully bonded to Christ. We need to understand what this means – to be in Christ Jesus – so that we can begin to grasp the glories of our identity in Him and enjoy all the spiritual blessings which are in Him. These spiritual blessings are as follows: in God’s foreknowledge and will, we have lovingly and happily been chosen or predestined for adoption to sonship, we are holy and blameless in his sight, and we are the receivers of boundless grace and faith. In Christ we have been redeemed or purchased unto a place of eligibility to have all of God’s blessings lavishly poured out upon us. We have been given the Holy Spirit as a seal or down payment of our inheritance in Christ, even unto the redemption of our bodies, to the praise of His glory. This is the inheritance of everyone who BELIEVES in Jesus – it does not happen automatically. Let us pursue the spiritual blessings in Christ instead of fixating on physical stuff. The physical blessings will be an automatic outflow when we have been secured in a loving relationship with Jesus, being rooted and founded in Him. Christ Jesus has become for us wisdom from God, which is our righteousness, holiness, and redemption.