We live in a world where the phrase “the end justifies the means” is used by people to justify their unethical actions while on the way to attain ‘good’ results. Unfortunately, this attitude has also infiltrated the Church, while we should be different. We need to pray for each other to once more be the image of God’s consistent and complete morality, uprightness, perfection, and integrity represented to the world, since we are his ambassadors here. Our behaviour, practice, attitude, and values should correspond with the gospel which we proclaim Integrity guides us into the blessings and favour of God. When we find ourselves in a situation of loneliness and despondency, what keeps our integrity intact, is the Word of God and our relationship with him. Succumbing and bowing down to any of the idols of our day, for instance money, social networks, peer pressure, etc. is not an option to a person of integrity. We, as a church, are to portray Christ through our lifestyles, despite being mocked. We, as Christians, have been called to live a righteous and faithful life. We do make mistakes and fall down, but repentance and getting up again should be our response when this happens.