Looking at it in an historical, spiritual context, all of history revolves around the cross of Jesus. It was the day on which the high priest himself became the once-for-all time sacrifice. The cross became the mercy seat. The cross was the judgement seat of Christ, as well as the throne. This voluntary sacrifice revealed God’s and Jesus’ love for sinners. On the cross Jesus carried the sin of the whole world – past present and future. Through the cross Jesus absorbed and appeased the wrath and punitive judgment of a righteous and holy God, justifying God’s love and forgiveness towards the sinner. The cross releases us from the curse of the Law because Jesus took that curse and punishment upon himself. Jesus removed our condemnation of servanthood and slavery to sin as well as our guilt conscience at the cross, giving us the peace of a righteous standing in Christ instead. Because of the cross, we became reconciled to God, living in peace because the fear of judgement has been removed. The cross gave us eternal life, saving us from hell. The cross brought oneness between people, the oneness of us all being part of a beautiful family, the Body of Christ. The cross of Jesus also elevated marriage because Jesus equated it to his relationship with his Body. Although we have not yet attained to the fulness of what Jesus did for us on the cross, we are reaching for it so that we may know God fully and have an abundant life in his glory.