In the case of criminal law, when there is more than one eyewitness to a crime, or strong circumstantial evidence of a crime, it is easy to get a conviction of the perpetrator. Jesus, in his resurrected body, was seen by more than five hundred people, thus making the fact of his resurrection irrefutable. The resurrection of Jesus was of vital importance to every Christian because He was victorious over death and hell which was the consequence of our sins, and he destroyed satan who held us in the fear of death. The resurrection was proof that the penalty for sin had been paid in full by his blood having been accepted, God’s amen to Jesus’ cry on the cross “it is finished”. He died for our justification as well as our sanctification. We have been planted into Jesus’ death through baptism and planted in the likeness of his resurrection, and as far as God is concerned our old man had been destroyed. We thus reckon ourselves to be dead unto sin, and sin dead unto us, and that we are alive unto God alone. Baptism, even as communion, is a supernatural action which is very real and substantial when approached with faith. We are baptised into the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – their life, their nature and teachings as well as the design and purpose of the death of Jesus. Thus we are dedicated, consecrated, and separated and bound unto God. The purpose of Jesus’ death was to expiate sin, remove sin, remove people from its power and to make us pure. This is our new resurrected life, lived through the same immense power that raised Christ from the dead.