The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ brought us into freedom, into liberty, and the purpose of this was for us to be sanctified, free from the Law, our flesh, sin, and the enemy, enabled to love God and people. This happens when we are baptised, being identified, and in union with Christ’s death and resurrection, resulting in being quickened into a new higher life with him. In baptism the body of sin (natural body) dies and becomes a mortal body which is subject to immortality at the appearance of Jesus. In this new transformed light-life we begin to think, feel, and act as we have never done before. We have new love and grace-based principles, we have new unselfish motives and efforts, new elevated desires. We live and work conscious of and as if unto the Lord. We have new objectives – the chief of which is Jesus – our aim being the glory of God. The will of God becomes our law and everything we do is to honour Him and expand his Kingdom. We have new emotions – the emotions of Christ towards people, and a healthy respect, awe, and fear for God. We have new hope, new sorrows, new joys, and new possessions (spiritual possessions). Thus we walk in a powerful new eternal and quality life, born again by incorruptible seed and ever growing in the image of Christ.