We are part of Christ, the vine, and the very same nutrients and illuminating life which flows from the Father to Jesus, also flows through to us. When we are born again, we receive a new life, the life of Christ himself. This means that it is still our bodies, but animated and governed by His life. We are children of light and life, illuminating the darkness of this world when we release the Christ life inside of us. This light is God’s essence, his radiant glory, which is inseparably part of Jesus and his Body, the Church. This light which came into us destroyed death, bringing life and immortality. We are begotten of God, hidden with Christ in Him, and now seated with Christ in the heavenlies. We have the same position, life, and destiny as He has. When we fully comprehend this truth, whenever we lay hands on someone, it is really the hands of Christ, resulting in the miraculous being manifested. To get to this place of comprehension and manifestation of this life, we need to set our hearts on things above, where we are in Christ who is seated at the right hand of the Father. We need to set our minds, meditation, and prayers on who we are in Christ instead of dwelling on the low earthly life to which we have died. This is done by faith. There are three aspects to the life of Christ – firstly, it is a crucified, self-denying life, secondly an irrepressibly resurrected life and lastly a humble life that is hidden in God, built up through a relationship with Him in the secret place, protected, preserved and eternal. Christ is our life, and we ought to stay in relationship with Him, to know him as our life, so that we may live out Him.