Why is it that so many Christians do not live a victorious resurrected life, living a life which is without power? Four reasons: number one, we live fleshly lives because we get what we want, when and how we want it despite of what God says. Number two, we are not convinced of the goodness of God, since God is more concerned about our character than our comfort. Number three, we do not believe that the God-life is more fulfilling and satisfying than the self-life because we have not really experienced the resurrected life of Christ. Number four, because we do not discern, defeat, and destroy the fleshly lusts. Fleshly lusts cause quarrels because we covet what we cannot have, having asked from God with wrong motives. The world and the system therein have three gateways of appeal to the human being and that is it appeals to the flesh, the eyes and the soul or ego. The voice of the enemy is also joined to these gateways, tempting the flesh, energising the gateways. It is easier to go the way of the temptation and avoid the way of sacrifice, but the enemy’s ways always have strings attached. The natural normal appetites of the flesh can very easily become voracious and turn to lust and sin instead of it having died and been replaced with pursuing God and Christ’s resurrected life with an avid passion so that we could live at a different level. We need to feed the spirit rather than the flesh. Material things are fleeting, we need to invest ourselves in the Kingdom of God, which is permanent. When we deny our flesh, die to self, walk with God by the Word and the Spirit, and attain Christ’s resurrection life, is when we will experience a powerful, devil-overcoming, victorious Christian life, and experience greater miracles in our lives.