When the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, the disciples were enabled by Him to speak in various tongues or languages, a language which was and still is today, unique to every person. Speaking in tongues is an essential part of our Christian walk. The Spirit comes into our spirit causing rebirth or quickening into a new dimension and gives the unique language, but we are the ones who have to speak – divine and human co-operation. Because there is a soul or intellect dominance in every human being which was caused by the fall of Adam and Eve, speaking in tongues is a restoration of the spirit-communication from man to God, in other words, a restoration of spirit-dominance in man. Tongues have a dual purpose, devotional (speaking deep mysteries to God, edifying themselves) and congregational where the interpretation of a tongue edifies the Church, because it could be a revelation, instruction, thanksgiving and praise, or a word of knowledge. A word in tongues meant for the congregation needs to be intentional, methodical, and articulate. God can also speak back to an individual during their times of devotion by means of tongues and interpretation of tongues. We need to consistently practice this precious gift.