We read a description in the book of Ezekiel of a river of life coming from underneath the throne of God and flowing forth, reaching different depths and places. This is a picture of the Holy Spirit who will never leave or forsake us and be with us always. The source of the river, or the Spirit, is the throne of God, and the altar – the place of Jesus’ sacrifice. The river has force, size, and power without the need of supplementary feeder streams. It has the power to heal and revive. It brings forth fruit and refreshment. It is our responsibility to position ourselves when the Holy Spirit is moving and allow Him to do His work in our lives. We need to learn to welcome Him and not be afraid of His presence, for us to see revival in our Churches. We need to enter the river of the Holy Spirit with faith, expectation, and enjoyment. Just stepping ankle-deep into the river (dabbling) represents a person who has just been saved, or people who are still in total control of their lives. Going into knee-deep is a person who is learning to depend on the Lord through faith and prayer. A person who is waist-deep in the river is someone who is less visible above the water and who can feel the power of the river and have lost some control over their lives. But, we need to go to where the river is in control – a place of complete surrender and rest in the power of the Holy Spirit. That is where God wants us to be – the place where He is in charge. This is the place of true spiritual maturity, a place of coming to the end of ourselves and total reliance upon God, living by- and keeping in step with the Spirit.