Salvation is the entrance to the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is wrought in the individual through a process called sanctification. When Jesus ascended, He gave us the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, who is exactly like Him. The Holy Spirit is to be forever with us (alongside us) as our helper, in us as our transformer, and upon us, empowering us for witnessing and ministering. God speaks to us and leads us through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are three areas where the Godhead is involved in the gifting to the Church. The Holy Spirit is in charge of or responsible for the gifts, the Lord Jesus is responsible for the administrations, while the operation or energizing of it all is worked by God into all of us. The gifts from the Spirit manifested through us are all towards the benefit or blessing of those around us. We have all been baptised by the Holy Spirit into Christ, to become members of his Body. It is God’s decision which part each believer is to function as, in Christ’s Body. Apart from the governmental five-fold ministry offices which are there to equip the Body for works of service, there are also seven other offices, body offices. Every believer stands in an office, and we need to recognise exactly what God has designed us to be and operate therein. Each one standing in an office has been gifted by God with the gifts of the Spirit, together with the portion of grace and faith which is needed to fulfil their designated office fruitfully and effectively. This is the way in which we build each other up in love to reach the full measure, the full stature of a perfect man in Christ Jesus.