Human beings are often prophetically depicted in the Bible as trees. God, as the one who is the gardener and who created the garden, desires fruitfulness from us, as is his right. God is constantly attending to our lives, pruning us, to attain this fruitfulness, because He loves us. The Church is constantly being ministered to through the various Holy Spirit giftings and love, to come to an end-product, which is maturity. Walking in love is maturity, is walking in the Spirit. Our blessing of righteousness is, as it was for Abraham who believed God, a gift (inheritance) because we believe in what Jesus did on the cross for us. This faith puts us in a place where we can receive the Holy Spirit, a circumcision of the heart. In the Book of Galatians, Paul calls the gospel brought into the Church by infiltrators, which gospel advocates that faith only in Christ to be combined with a little bit of the Law, a different gospel, one that is powerless. When we come to salvation, Christ is formed in us, bringing order into the chaos of our lives. This is freedom from the unfruitful, exhausting bondage and slavery of the Law, which was a life of self-effort, rules, and regulations, and powerless to change anyone because it is weakened by our sinful nature. By staying in Christ, we stay in grace and are enabled to change through the Holy Spirit. The righteousness we have received by believing is not an end in itself but leads us to the crown of our faith, where we are like Christ Jesus, led out from the flesh by the Spirit, Sons of God, inheritors of the Kingdom. This life in and through the Spirit is a fruitful life. The fruit of the Spirit is the final outcome of that which the Law desired but could never produce. The ultimate fruit of the Spirit is love, maturity, perfection. Every one of the nine individual fruits of the Spirit are accomplished by the last one, which is self-control by the Spirit. Let us remind ourselves to keep in step with the Spirit and produce fruit, more fruit, and much fruit unto the glory of God.