We have been freed from the curse of the Law which was a yoke of slavery unto sin and death, by the grace which came through faith in the sacrifice of Christ. Faith working through love comes from hearing the word of Christ, it is a gift from God. The measure by which we are living a life of love for God and one another is the expression or indication of our faith in Jesus. The grace which we have received brings liberty but is not licence for the works of the flesh, but liberty to love. The antidote to the works of the flesh is to walk by the Spirit. Flesh has works (acts, deeds), but the Spirit has fruit which comes naturally or spontaneously. The fruit of the Spirit is love, and love has nine different expressions or results. When we got born again, having believed the Word like little children, something supernatural transpired inside of our spirits, a new spirit was given birth to by the Holy Spirit. This new creation has desires just like the flesh and whichever one is the strongest of these two sets of desires will determine how we speak, act, and behave in our lives. To walk in the Spirit, be led by the Spirit, and live by the Spirit are all as a result of the change which has taken place within, and it produces the fruit of the Spirit. How do we walk by the Spirit and not resort to the flesh? Number one – we need to acknowledge that we cannot live this Christian life in our strength but are one hundred percent, and humbly, dependent upon the Holy Spirit, our helper, that lives within us. Number two is prayer – especially praying the scriptures which promise our personal change and sanctification. Number three – believe the Word, be confident that we are really dead to sin and the flesh, and alive to God. Number four – act and live. By the same faith with which we have received our salvation, walk in the Spirit as well. Number five – thankfulness. Be grateful for every change which has already been worked within us. Meditating on the new life within and having our minds focused on the abilities of the Spirit within helps us to walk in the Spirit in every situation which we face.